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New Year pictures in 2007

Wednesday 2 January 2008

Here are some pictures of 2007:

Fingerprints: New ePassport

Thursday, 15 November 2007

It took a bit longer but the questions I have asked myself here answered me. Even if I why I need fingerprints on my passport can not explain the answers. To § 6 of the Pass: The fingerprint submission is not used to determine your identity to issue the passport, but finding [...]

Online searches the "other" also make it

Saturday 25th August 2007

The Interior Ministry, according to Heise now already refers to "other" countries that have the online searches or even plan. As a child I was always told when I came up with the argument that have the "other" as well. We are not the "other". Yes previously it was all just be better

Garmin c510 Deluxe

Sunday 17 June 2007

So the last few days it was very quiet here, it was because I'm driven transversely week by Germany. But now landed back safe and sound and thanks to the Garmin c510 Deluxe also had no traffic jam far I am very satisfied with the device. Has everything you need and then some more [...]

Destination USA

Saturday 9 June 2007

If one reads here that you know why you do not want to go there. After all, who wants to be voluntarily treated as criminals. Where who you want to know how this is would you want to join me, so what is then called safe holiday experience. Hmm that could be a gap in the market.

Transport in Italy

Sunday 6th May 2007

What is happening on the streets in Italy is the hammer. The packing density of cars is much higher than in Germany and also other shred is increasingly presented as there really is. Red lights are still noted, however, are the vehicles before the traffic light turns green again already [...]

Eating in Italy

Saturday 5th May 2007

Eating in Italy is something very special. First you have to know the Italians have multiple gears. Thus, there are salads as appetizers, pasta dishes as 1 Transition and pizzas and meat dishes as a main course. Depending on what you order you get more or less on the plate. So if you what from the first [...]

Terrorists defense == Air Killer?

Saturday 5th May 2007

As promised, I will summarize some findings from my vacation here times together. I'll begin with the controls at the airport. As is well known may be no larger drinks 100ml in hand luggage with lead it does not matter whether locked or not. Everything you can not drink it migrates into the garbage. One would [...]